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  • April 10, 2015
Will Google buy Twitter

It seems that there has been a lot of speculation regarding Google lately. We round up some of the latest rumours – read on to discover what they are!

Is Google buying Twitter?

It seems a rumour surfaced on 7 April 2015 insinuating that Google may want to purchase Twitter. The accuracy of this rumour is unknown, although it did lead to a rise in Twitter’s stock price. It is fairly evident that Google is threatened by the presence of Facebook – so how can Google compete? By buying Twitter, of course. Twitter, after Facebook, is the second most popular social media channel. It’s also beneficial for Google as they can take advantage of the mass user information available and utilise it for advertising purposes. However, an acquisition such as this is going to be extremely costly. How effective is this deal even going to be? Will Twitter help Google overpower its competitor?


Is Google bringing Android and Chrome OS together?

It’s a question that has pondered the minds of many individuals. Why does Google have two operating systems? It now seems that Google is on a mission to bring both Android and Chrome OS closer together. Josh Woodward, Google Chrome user interface product manager, discussed and illustrated the proposed changes at a media event. From Android apps available on Chrome OS to Google Now Cards being visible on Chrome to faster Android speeds – there are many new features paving the way for a more seamless user experience.

Conference calls with GMeet?

Will Google simplify conference calls with GMeet?


What is Google’s GMeet?

Google seems to be testing a new meeting service, GMeet. This new service enables users to join conference calls with one click instead of dialling in on a call. This feature may be extremely useful for business customers who are hard on time. This is still in the testing stages and is currently only available to Google employees but it may be rolled out to everyone soon – keep your eyes peeled.


How is Google planning to save us from spoilers?

*SPOILER ALERT* you haven’t caught up on Game of Thrones yet, you decide to browse through Facebook or Twitter and accidentally discover which character happened to die. We’ve all been there and we know the heartache it can cause. However, it seems that Google may have a solution to protect us from this heartache. They were recently awarded a patent to protect users from spoilers. Essentially, they’ll be able to track everything you watch– slightly invasive we know but, it uses this information to warn you when any content appears to be too revealing. Although the idea is good in theory, it is uncertain whether this patent will actually lead to anything.


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