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SEO Roundup

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  1. Twitter Faux Pas

Twitter’s latest quarterly earnings figures were released earlier than expected. Although the growth at Twitter has been concerning, the number of monthly active users has increased by 18% in comparison to last year. But when Twitter announced their revenues had risen to $436m, it missed analysts’ expectations of $456.2m and thus, their shares have consequently plummeted.


  1. Google confirmed to take tweets in SERPs into account

Google has signed a new deal with Twitter enabling them to gain greater access to Twitter’s vast amount of data. The aim is to display real-time Twitter content in search results. Google is initially testing out this feature in mobile search. Some people have already noticed tweets popping up in their search results – have you spotted anything recently?


  1. Google has launched a new editor for AdWords

A year ago, Google announced that it would be developing an advanced reporting feature for AdWords which helps users better analyse and visualise data. A year later, the feature entitled ‘Reports Editor’ is being tested out in a few selected accounts. Users can create graphs, data tables and visual charts which allow users to look at data differently and should lead to better optimisation. It may be rolling out to other accounts soon so keep your eyes peeled!

  1. Google now lets you bookmark local places from search results

Google is now permitting users to bookmark places they want to visit in the future. All they need to do is click on the star icon besides the address and this will automatically save the desired location from the Google local box in search results.

The loading screen of the Facebook application on a mobile phone is seen in this photo illustration taken in Lavigny

  1. “Facebook is eating the internet”

Facebook is an undeniable social force and their online dominance appears to be growing as they drive a quarter of all online traffic. Facebook is also the main way people consume news and read articles nowadays, thus, advertisers and media companies are hugely dependant on them; enabling Facebook to double their ad revenue.


  1. Linqapp – an alternative to Google Translate

Want to know how to say “where can I buy a mahogany table” in Chinese but don’t want to rely on Google Translate? Try Linqapp. Launched in October 2013 on iOS, Linqapp allows users to ask questions to native speakers and get answers within minutes. The app now has 25,000 users who regularly help others with their language queries.