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5 ultimate tips that help you succeed with organic outreach

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When doing organic outreach for a campaign it’s all about the small details. Do you have the perfect outreach template in place (do remember that there is no perfect template – you have to be flexible)? Perfect, then there are just a few more things that can help you become more successful with your work:

1. Use a (friendly) profile pic on your email account

Nowadays bloggers receive a multitude of emails that it is becoming difficult to stand out from the crowd. Using a nice profile pic will help increase response rates for your outreach efforts. Fun fact: we found that female bloggers were more likely to answer male colleagues when they used a likeable profile pic and vice versa. For instance, an ex-colleague couldn’t actually hide herself from receiving calls in the office from male bloggers wanting to cooperate with her – no, we are not joking! I wouldn’t exactly say that sex sells in SEO but this observation definitely proves that this may in fact be true for the online marketing industry…


A likeable profile pic can help to increase the response rate

A likeable profile pic can help to increase the response rate


2. Your email signature

Avoid using “SEO” in your email signature as it may scare off some bloggers or journalists. Instead, try using something more general like “Online Marketing” or “Content Marketing”.

3. Use social channels to build relationships

Admittedly this one will take some time and effort until you will begin to see results – but it works! In general: The bigger your community, the more shares, likes and online PR you will get. We found Twitter to be a very good tool to bond with a brand’s community and influencers. Interactions on social channels help build relationships, which in turn make it easier for you to approach people via e-mail as you’ve already had initial contact. No magic!

4. Jump on a call

If you’re looking to outreach to magazines or newspapers – and you don’t have relevant relationships yet – you may start by sending an email. However, it is unlikely that you will receive a response at all – simply because journalists are slammed with hundreds of emails that they’re receiving every day.  Instead, or in addition to email outreach, pick up the phone and speak to your contacts personally. This will at least give you an answer to your inquiry, and we found that with magazines, organic campaigns have been much more successful when using a personal approach.

5. Offline SEO

It’s all about your network – as it is for SEO. Attend relevant conferences and meetings in order to make contacts offline. There is really not much difference between offline PR + journalists and online PR + bloggers.


Author: Kristin Stancikas